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Griffith Law Center, PLLC

At Griffith Law Center, PLLC, we take an active role in the cases we litigate and the people we represent.  Litigation can take a great deal of time and, in order to serve our clients' needs, we often form personal relationships with our clients.  While an attorney may have numerous cases being litigated at any given time, for the client their civil action may be one of the most important things occurring in their life.  We realize that.

Travis A. Griffith, attorney and managing member of Griffith Law Center, PLLC was born and raised in the State of West Virginia. A Charleston native, Mr. Griffith has considerable experience in wrongful death actions, personal injury cases, employment discrimination claims, deliberate intent actions, as well as numerous other civil actions which have been litigated in our state’s courts. His experience with the West Virginia legal system gives our clients the support and representation they need to successfully find closure for whatever unfortunate event has befallen them.

Having the right legal counsel makes all the difference.  At Griffith Law Center, PLLC, our team provides you with the solid legal advice and representation you deserve.

Hiring an attorney can often be very costly. At Griffith Law Center, PLLC, we are committed to helping you retain your legal rights without having to go broke. Many of our services our contingency based.